Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

Glunovo CGM System

How Would You Like to Live the Rest of Your Life as a Diabetic?

Glucose Meter Every Three Minutes,
Sugar Level is Monitored at Quite Frequent Intervals. In this way, fluctuating values ​​are detected instantly. These Values ​​are Transmitted to Both the Patient and the Hospital.

“Talking Smart Device” Thanks to Voice Notification of Panic Values
​​Automatic Measurement with Bluetooth Technology; Sugar level is monitored even at night thanks to self-measurements without bringing the sensor closer to the device.

Diabetes is a systemic disease that affects all organs. Childhood-onset (Juvenile – Type 1) diabetes is an insulin-dependent and auto-immune diabetes. Adult (Type 2) diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs later under the influence of nutrition, lifestyle and other stress factors. In the latter, Insulin or tablets are used. By keeping blood sugar levels properly in both Types of Diabetes, we can be protected from the long-term complications of this disease (Heart failure, Kidney failure, Loss of vision, Nervous diseases, Vascular occlusions, etc.).

A new era has been broken in this field with the frequent measurement of sugar levels in diabetic patients (CGM = Continuous Glucose Monitoring) (every 3 minutes). It has been determined that phenomena such as patient habits, food portions and exercise have different effects on each person and are unique to each person. It has been determined that even the drugs given for diabetes do not have the same effects. For this reason, treatment programs are updated according to the patient with continuous body sugar level measurement. Glunovo i3 Dakik is a bloodless glucose meter. It monitors the sugar level in the interstitial fluid and transmits it to both the patient and the patient’s Doctor or relatives via Bluetooth every 3 minutes.

Thanks to the Glunovo i3 Dakik device with a Bluetooth sensor/transmitter + Software Technology technology, as a diabetic patient, you have the opportunity to measure your blood sugar without blood. Thanks to this device, there is no longer a need to measure blood sugar from your fingertip, and while you sleep at night, your sugar level is measured and reported every 3 minutes without you even realizing it, and you are woken up with high or low values. Precise measurement of night sugar levels protects you from many complications. No Finger Piercing! Your hands will no longer feel pain, there will be no wounds, and the sensitivity of your fingertips will return. At the same time, your sugar levels will be measured accurately and quickly, and you will change your daily habits positively with the warnings and suggestions from Dakik.

Thanks to the Dakik Diabetes Warning / Suggestion Training Module, your daily life is disciplined using artificial intelligence analysis with the sugar values ​​coming from your Bluetooth device. It delivers the latest and specific information about your disease on a daily basis in an educational manner and makes warnings. It provides you not only with the information provided by modern medicine, but also with information from preventive medicine and Chinese Medicine. It tries to defeat Diabetes together with you by examining and updating your habits. The best thing, of course, is to reach a level without any medication.

The best part is that if your blood sugar drops or rises significantly, your device calls you and informs you of the situation. If it cannot reach you, it calls your closest relative or friend and takes action.

Professional Sugar Level monitoring becomes more convenient and reliable with Health Professionals. With Dakik Remote Patient Tracking Platform, you can request your own Doctor to follow you with Glunovo Dakik.

Apple Watch Compatible; When blood sugar measurement values ​​are high/low, if you are using a Bluetooth-connected device with watch function, alarms are reflected here.

Glunovo Dakik is a waterproof device. There is no deviation or effect in sweating or showering. It can also be used underwater with a special cover.

Pediatric Glunovo p3 & Punctual ; Don’t let little fingers lose their sensitivity! May their faces always smile, let’s keep diabetes under control together, so that they don’t get sick…

Very soon (October – November 2022), the pediatric version will begin to be used in children with diabetes between the ages of 4-15.

While measuring with Dakik Glunova, when users have doubts about their sugar levels, they can measure its accuracy with the conventional method at any time and calibrate and adjust the bloodless glucose meter. As it is known, the most important point for diabetics or when using a continuous blood glucose meter is the accuracy of the measurement. The closer the measurements are to laboratory conditions, the more users and Healthcare Professionals can optimally organize their treatments. Some bloodless glucose meters do not have the possibility of calibration during use. Sugar levels constantly fluctuate, which puts the treatment at risk and can reach very dangerous levels for patients.

With Dakik Glunova, the continuous glucose meter can be calibrated at any time during the entire period in which the sensor is used (14 days). In clinical studies, a deviation of 1% to 4% was detected compared to laboratory glucose measurement. This is a pretty good rate. However, Bluetooth glucose measurement allows extra calibrations.

Dakik Glunova is approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health as a Remote Patient Monitoring System. A legislation on the Remote Health Information System was published in February 2022 (See). According to this legislation, only remote monitoring systems approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey should be used, and other systems are called to make changes according to this guide as soon as possible.

Dakik Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, along with its Device Integration, are registered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Servers are in Turkey and all patient data is stored in accordance with the legislation. It works integrated with the systems established by our State such as E-Pulse and E-Prescription. There is a KTS certificate.

Especially in the programs used by many Remote Monitoring Systems, Bloodless Glucometers, ECG Devices or Blood Pressure Devices of foreign origin, patient data is collected in servers abroad and all data flows abroad. Users and Healthcare Professionals need to pay close attention to this.

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